I’m a digital artist and graphic designer from Panama. I love to merge the worlds of reality and imagination through my digital collages and 3D techniques. Currently, I’m exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in my work.

Nature and science fiction both spark my creativity. But what truly fulfills me is designing music artwork for talented musicians from various corners of the world. Through my art, I aim to capture the essence of their sound, often opting for surreal landscapes as my backdrop.

My Process & Tools 

Every artwork I create is a journey that begins in the heart of nature.. It anchors my inspiration, and from that foundation, my ideas grow and evolve into messages or emotions waiting to be conveyed.

Listening to new music is another integral part of my process. It breathes life into my creativity, often guiding the direction and mood of my pieces. The rhythm, lyrics, and melodies not only shape my thoughts but also influence the final outcome of my artworks.

When it comes to tools, Adobe Photoshop has always been my trusted companion. Its vast capabilities allow me to play with textures, layers, and hues, fine-tuning each piece until it aligns perfectly with my vision. Blender, with its robust 3D capabilities, lets me dive deep into the realms of the surreal, giving depth and dimension to my concepts.

Midjourney and several other editing apps also find their way into my toolkit. These tools, each with their unique offerings, help refine my artworks, ensuring every detail, shadow, and perspective is just right.

In essence, my creative process is a blend of introspection, inspiration from the world around me, and the technical prowess of my chosen tools. Together, they culminate in artworks that not only look beautiful but also resonate deeply with their intended message or emotion.

Please feel free to contact me for any creative project I can help you with, or license my work. Follow me on Instagram for more art every week.